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January 29, 2015

Astana to launch unique project «Omir Zholy» («Life line»)

Samruk-Kazyna» JSC continues holding the large scale campaign dedicated to 70th Great Victory. Implementation of the social project «Omir Zholy» («Life line») aimed at connection of veterans of the Great Patriotic war living in Kazakhstan to the emergency system. It includes stationary and mobile devices with «panic button» for emergency assistance.

On January 29, public fund «Omir Zholy» will transfered «Life button» devices to the Central council of the Veterans organizations of Kazakhstan, and then to the municipal council of veterans. It is expected that all 229 veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in the capital of Kazakhstan will receive mobile devices in the nearest two weeks.

According to the executive director of the fund «Omir Zholy» Ernar Nurbekov: «Next in line is Karaganda and Karaganda region. In this region 376 veterans will be covered. Until April 30, we will complete the connection of all 5083 war veterans to the «Omir Zholy.» Life button» is a device that is easy to use. Its looks like a mobile phone, behind which is a «SOS» button. By pressing the button the veteran can send a signal to the center of care. During three seconds individual subscriber card is displayed in front of operator, which shows all the symptoms of his disease. The device is equipped with a speaker and microphone. The operator can communicate with the caller, asking clarifying questions. If a person feels really bad and cannot speak, the operator calls for «first aid». Then, the operator informs all the relatives or close friends, who can also provide the necessary assistance to the veteran.»

The work has been carried out in conjunction with the Organization of the Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Fund «Eurasian Media Forum», public fund «Omir Zholy», telecom operator «Beeline» and other partner organizations.

CEO of the «Eurasian Media Forum» Ruslan Zhemkov told: «In implementation of this social project it is necessary pay attention to the assistance that will be provided to veterans not on one basis but comprehensively  and systematically. We will try to satisfy all the needs of veterans of the Great Patriotic War.»

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